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specialization opportunities

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first off - ever since the stream preview for Iron Will Destroyer, i noticed the HUD element they received, indicating 3 yellow axes, it doesnt have much impact on their usual skill combo. on the other hand, Reaper Destroyer stacks up to 3 Galeforce for a double hit galeforce, and the only indicator for the galeforce stack size is on the buff icon tray; this stack size icon gets pushed off the edge to where it can no longer be seen due to all the various soul,pet,weapon,partybuffs,heart, and everything else that shows up on the buff icon tray,

for reaper destroyer, having a HUD element exactly like the one Iron Wil destroyer has, would be a great improvement to the playability, so much so that i wonder if it was supposed to be added to Reaper Des rather than Iron will destroyer, as it has no impact on the way a player interacts with Iron will skill kit. 

iron will des was getting released then and it would be easy to assume all the new destroyer assets would be tied to it..

second and last for now,  is Warlock

 - - Distortion is the only warlock specialization im interested in for now, and ever since auto combat got introduced, their macro has been missing their 2 skill which activates their bracelet buff... seems like something Quality Analysis would not have missed and yet,,,

the simplest fix would be to make [2] skill (soul shackles) be the 1st priority skill before wingstorm [V]..


since this post involves multiple classes and could be added to, i started it in general discussion, but im guessing mods could move it to a more appropriate place if there is one

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