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Automatic attack?

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There is someone who sells xml he creates. For example the Global Cooldown cheat and the Auto fight mechanic in Moon refugee. He probably sells alot more stuff but to this day i couldnt track down who it is. I know he sells it for 5.80€ a month thou and they say his stuff actully stops working after 1 month of usage.

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4 hours ago, Fabio0011 said:

Is moon refuge now an automatic attack? In spiders there are many people who kill spiders and go to the same position as when they started attacking. Just as it is in the areas of automatic attack.

It's bots, So no legit auto-attacking, Just bots

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There are high HM Level players including whales in moon refuge that are using the auto-combat there to grind petals for XP charms, a member from my clan walks around there applying for a party on them they get instant accepted and he just stays AFK there and nobody says anything so yeah auto-combat was a good idea to be implemented in the first place... great job NC

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