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Calculation for Primeweald

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Event Duration: November 18 - December 16  ( 27 days / first day, long maintenance, not counting)

No PVP but 4x longer afk farming with 4 regions and 4 different emblems.


Sample for the costume

Costume + Headgear cost 12.000 emblems.

Daily Quest: 200 emblems x 27 days = 5400 emblems

Left to farm: 6600 emblems

Droprate depend on gear. Higher gear -> faster kills -> more drops
I have 40-50 drops in 1 hour. (2100ap)

6600 emblems : 40-50 emblems/h = 165h-132h to farm in total

165h-132h : 27 days = 6,1h-4,9h farming a day

So, i need to farm 5-6 hours each of the 27 days without missing one only to get the costume and nothing else.
And for the new collection/achievement you need the weapon too. (+ 5200 emblems additionally)
Sorry, but this is crazy. Please lower the item costs or increase the drop rate.


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What makes things even harder is the Lag and Freezes in some Zones making it impossible to farm 200 mobs for the quest. Unless they add more channels to help reduce Lag it's impossible for a lot of players to get anything out of this Event.

At the moment I am unable to farm 2 zones because the Game Freezes on me and the 2 other zones I can farm but due to lag or pulling a 2nd/3rd mob with the lag and dying it takes most of the day to kill the 200 mobs


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player cap per channel is too high,

everything from merchant far far far... too expensive,


to get a simple gem hammer it takes 2 days worth of daily quests which take hours to complete. out of touch, yes.


1000 gold for outdated pvp accessories is insulting,,,, (outlaw island accessories are overpriced too, also they evaporated the drop rates after the first week and even more the week after)(and with that said, it should be a simple matter for them to tool the numbers, it should not even take a week, there is no danger in making the game less troublesome)


 but saying that everything from primeweald merchant has an extra zero, is not an exaggeration.

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At least the area is permanent, which probably why devs just crank the damn price for the items  so high.   Things to concern are just RNG for your emblem drops and whether the game would last until you actually have enough. 


12 hours ago, 900870_1452550662 said:

The new area is permanent yes, but the FPS is horrendous so you can't even farm there.

Yeah, this is horrendous. I expect my char would die in autofarm due to ping and low fps :x. 


Hopefully there would be some sort of "empty" period sometime in the future as people get bored.

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