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Crafting the 2 different Sojos

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@Hime Will Bloodlust developers ever allow players to craft the two different Sojos (Dokkaebi & Imperial) for personal (BoA) use or players as they do with other charms and food? If this hasn't been brought up before, can you put forward the suggestion to make it available?

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2 hours ago, StrykerGaming said:

I appreciate the reply and thanks. I do believe this would be a QoL improvement for all.

It would be for sure.


 I personally would also like to have an ability to send more then 3 items in mail, would be a nice QoL improvement as well, there's clearly enough space to add few more slots without re-sizing the slot it self, maybe extra slots for premium members? etc, very tedious to keep sending 3 items at the time :HajoonHappy:

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