Act VI: Chapter 11 (Return to Heaven's Reach)

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Hi guys, 


Really need some help. Currently stuck at Act VI, Chapter 11. It says to read the letter from Bunyang but the letter is nowhere to be found so I can't advance further into the story. If I remember correctly, the last main mission was at the Masts with Poharan. You went in through one of the portals at Jadestone Village. Once it was completed, I did as usual and took the dragon pulse to get out. When I'm back in jadestone and I check my quests, I'm supposed to read a letter but I can't find this letter anywhere (not in inventory). I try clicking on Track Quest and it just points to a general circle on the map. It seems to be a bug and I don't know what to do. 


if anyone has gotten this problem before and found a solution, please let me know! I Really want to continue advancing in the story mode. 


Thanks in advance!

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