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Golden Harvest Festival Events Preview


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hey any question


Mythical Enchantment

Mythical Enchantment is now available for the top tier Heart, Soul, Pet Aura and Talisman.

The following Heart, Soul, Pet Aura and Talisman can now be enchanted up to +20:

Resolute Heart - Stage 1 → True Resolute Heart

Vitalsurge Soul - Stage 1 → True Vitalsurge Soul

Thunderflux Soul - Stage 1 → True Thunderflux Soul

Starborn Pet Aura - Stage 1 → Unleashed Starborn Pet Aura

Overture Talisman - Stage 1 → True Overture Talisman


what happen if i want sealed any of this items ?   need it original  stage or is it like wepons ?

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The following items have been removed from the Dragon Express:

Sacred Vial, Pet Pack, Sparkling Ascension Stone Chest, and Sparkling Radiance Stone Chest.


why do you remove vials and packs? 

let us spend the remaining currency like always!

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What happened to tranmuting letters from last event? Transmutes always stays a few weeks after a new update? 

I normally save up as much event currency i can and then spend it as efficiently as i can when the event is over. 

I this case i can't since i can't transmute any letters? The "Haunted Halloween Token" clearly states that its redeemable until 2020/12/15. 

But why is that if i can't use them for the previous event transmutation? I can't use them elsewhere? 

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