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Game crashes on preview of Jet-Setter Pet in Dragon Express

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I opened Dragon Express to see what's in the new tab.  I shift left click on Jet-Setter pet and get a windows like pop-up window.  I don't exactly remember what it said but there was an ok button I clicked for it to go away and my game crashed.


Update: 10:09 AM October 21, 2020

Got another message in the form of a pop up windows box saying: Package files are corrupted. Use check files to restore them.

c: Program Filesx86\NCSOFT\BnS\bin64\...\contents\bns\CookedPC\00078396.upk


Wonder what CookedPC means lol.  I am in the process of scanning files right now to see if that will resolve the issue.  Scan finished and repaired and restarting game, let's see if I continue to get error messages. 


The game crash may have been not due to the preview of the Jet-Setter Pet in Dragon Express.  I've had one error today and couldn't update the game and now this is the second error I've received.

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