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Keep failing to update 10/21/2020

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The update starts, it says preparing update 9%, stays there for a while, then jumps to 10% and 11% and then the error message pops up and it's unable to further update. 


"Failed to download the file.  Check your network environment (ISP authentication, NAC, firewall, antivirus and other settings) and try again.

DR_http://live.patcher.bladeandsoul.com/BnS/162/Patch/161\bin\Version.ini.dlt.zip (5385)"


Update: 8:04 AM PDT October 21, 2020

I scanned my files and currently it's undergoing some repairs, hopefully that'll fix the issue.


Update: 8:22 AM PDT October 21, 2020

The repair has finished and there are no error messages when I click to start game, just a message saying game undergoing maintenance.


Update: 8:29 AM PDT October 21, 2020

I was able to successfully launch the game.  My issue has been resolved.

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