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Armory Chest Event Suggestion

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hi ,i ask from you to add the unrefined stormsiege,wildsong,thundercall bracelet selection chest to the owners of the chest-12 or the accounts of those who have already opened the chest-12 or adding other farming methods,because im not aware of the process so i didnt grind for the throne of oblivion,and if I start already, it'll take weeks,because you need to be geared to do throne of oblivion and the funny thing is my new character ll get stronger when i open all armory chest? doesnt make sense.by the way I bought the keys because I didn't have time to play,and believed, equation is spending money should buy the time/grind?(sorry for my bad English but i think it's understandable.)

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55 minutes ago, ElectricPotato said:

ToO is scheduled to drop 10-20 oblivion fragments per dynamic chest in the "Blades and Ghouls" event

I didn't look carefully,thank you for the reminder , hope they don't increase the amount required,and that solves my problem^^

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