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Looking for a Blade Master up to date beginners guide (2020) for returning player

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Hello everyone. I used to play Blade and Soul a few years ago, back when the level cap was 50 (so maybe 4 or 5 years? Idk). I recently decided to play again but I'm a bit lost. I did create another Blade Master just to get a feel of the game again, but I have a lvl 50, HM 14 Blade Master which I'd like to play again with (mostly because of my outfits and such).

To begin with, I barely remember the mechanics at all. And on top of that, what I do remember seems to be no longer up to date. For example, I remember I used to be able to spec some of my skills to the cc that suited me the most, such as Boot for example (for knockdown of daze) and I realized I can no longer do that.

I've looked for some video guides and also for some posts but the best, more thorough ones I've found seem to be from before this revamp (which, btw, when did this happen), so while they are helpful to an extent, it's not exactly what I'm looking for.

I am looking for beginner guides on BM, since I don't remember much of anything, but I can manage to grasp the basics from the videos and posts I mentioned. But I'd really like some guidance as to the changes that happened on the last years, if possible.

Anything to point me in the right direction and make me a little bit less confused would be appreciated a lot.

Thank you!

P.s.: Here's one of the posts I've mentioned. It's very thorough and helpfull:
Beginners Guide to Blademaster

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