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class change voucher

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hello there o/


I was writing to the support and asked for a "class change voucher"

The support was friendly and answered I should open a theme here and discuss with other players :) Maybe the development team read this theme.


Im up for this voucher because:

-I can take my hard farming items with me like: badges, hongmoon lvl, gems in pets & weapons, unity stones etc.

-The F3 hard farming items too

-The whole achievements

-I can test other classes without loosing all the gear 

-I dont have contra points >-<

-I used my free & bought 60 voucher for classes I dont like anymore, they just fall to dust ^^´


Well thanks for accept my opinion lets read yours :D


KR >:D


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I am against it plus it wouldnt be workable. you would loose all class specific costumes, weapon skins as those are specifically linked to your class.

You would loose on unity stones becaus eof class specific bonuses

You would loose on gear because it would only change your class, you would still have to reseal and open your gear to get the right items (they would never add a more complicated service since there is already existing one)

Your weapon slots would reroll.

You would loose the amulet


They would have to build so many additional system / features to support this that cost wise would not benefit them at all, unless they make the voucher cost like 24.000 ncoin in which case if they decide to implement it they better make it expensive as hell since this is purely a conveniance item.

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hmm :D


But maybe it is workable :) Maybe they can do an automaticaly change function in the voucher. When I reseal my stuff and open on other chars - it works too. So maybe the they will find a solution how it works ^^

I think the class specific costume can stay in F3 or goes into inventory.

Unity stones automatecly change like when you change your spec.

I wouldn loose gear because in the voucher is a reroll system too. Or you can write to support. Dunno how they can do this. At this time I can stay with my hard farmed stuff.

Weapon slots wouldnt reroll. and when yes, there are just some hammers...

Loosing amulet i dont think so :)


Maybe they do this. It would be a nice Service. So Im up :D I didnt say it have to be cheap as hell :D A 60 Voucher costs about 50 Euros. So class change can also costs about this... 

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I mean there are other mmos out there even more complex than bns that have class change vouchers and they just take all of your stuff and trade in for the new class equivalents. So it's really not that hard and there'd be a market for it but there seems to be more of a market for make 13 chars and spend 13x more time and money on the game for nc greed. :)

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vor 22 Stunden schrieb Schwetti:

I was writing to the support and asked for a "class change voucher"

Sorry to dissappoint you there is no way this will come to this game here is why:

1. me and several others have asked for this a long time ago already. For example i did back in 2017 when i first stopped playing this game for a while cause there was no way switching class.

2. It would decrease their income since you dont have to buy new Unity stones, Runes, Xp charms skill books, Hongmoon Point scrolls, charms to seal gear..........

3. Its been asked for years now and just like nearly everything else community wants it never came to the game.

4. Do you think a company that thinks 12 FPS in a 6 man dungeon is accaptable would do something for the players ?


The game is currently in a state a decent publisher/dev would close it down for emergency fixes but in their eyes its completly acceptable they will not programm stuff which will decrease their income !


If you want even a slight chance something comes into the game you ask for you also need to provide a way to how it would increase their income otherwise its simply not interesting for them. A way to increase their income that way would be to make thoose voucher expensive enough that it would be cheaper to just buy seals etc. but who would buy this then ? It would be like 1000€ cause unity is super expensive just like runes.

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