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Can the devs reduce the price of Armory Pearls? I can't do the event because I can't leave my pc on over night not what's going in the world right now it just ain't happening. Can the devs readjust something because some players stop doing the event because of this one thing. 


P.s Don't put them in f10 and say here's the solution.



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Alot of players managed to get the pearls by now and to be honest i dont think this is to much for what you are getting for free. Why cant you keep ur PC on when you are at work ? or in sleep ?


I do agree its stupid we have to get the pearls at all but its far to late by now to reduce the price of them. Putting them in f10 for free would be like spitting on the plyers that fished thoose pearls already.


Also there is no need for you to be afk to fish. You can also simply do other stuff with ur pc while the game is fishing for you or is your PC only for Blade and soul ?

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