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New player; How difficult are Daily Challenges?

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Sorry if this is a dumb question, I'm not very familiar with mmorpgs - while the maintenance has the servers down I was doing some scavenging and I saw this event gives an Astromancer outfit for completing 3 daily challenges 3x. 


I started the game the other day and am currently a F2P LV. 48 Stormweaver Astromancer; how difficult are the daily challenges to complete for a newer f2p player? I am mainly going along with the story and am on Act 4 Chapter 7. I haven't spent any money on weapons/gear and am currently using what I get from story+dailies/dynamics+wheels of fate. I usually play alongside a LV. 48 Summoner as well, if it helps any.

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Hello Mikauren,


currently, daily challenges (daily quests) are super easy, all high level dungeons got nerfed (except Naryu Sanctum) to enable new & returning players to take part to the event (info here: https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/call-to-arms-returns-event-preview/). 


You get a free box that provides you with high level equipment. You need to gather remnants from the daily challenges to open/unlock the next levels of the box.

(for more info please check the event details on the link i shared above, & i also would recommend you to join B&S Academy on Discord. As a returning player, they helped me get back on track: https://discord.gg/6FJnmJ).


May you enjoy the game! :D

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I believe for dungeons, even though they have been nerfed for the event, they still maintain a minimum requirement of level 55.  Could try joining in the lobby (f8) but  you might get kicked from the party.  So work on those yellow quests to get yourself to the max level.


The three easiest daily challenges would be Koldrak,  the Spider daily in Solak 'A Mid-Bummer Night's Dream', and the daily event in Mushin's Tower 'The Final Training'.


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