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thinfoil hat theory i have i need some help from you the people

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What is your average FPS in party combat with non moded( not removed stuff with bns buddy "only cores and loading screen and afinity").


i ask cause my computer i do fine while standing still inmushin 100 fps when in a grp it drops to 40 fps but you will say its your rig HERES THE THINFOIL theory my brother has a i9 9900 me an ryzen 3080x both 16gb ram and both drop to the same 40 50 fps on party raid combat. what if it isnt your pc what if is server stress and the its bottlenecking users clients maybe server hardware is not up to par remember we just have 2 realms and since now we do more damage server just cant keep up.


here i searched youtube for another people with i9 see how he also drops to 30s and it doesnt matter if you play with 5 or 1 preset it drops to those frames 30 40 50 it wasnt like that years ago.


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Pft, you can fix fps in this game with hardware. We have a bunch of streamers in EU who have top tier rigs and let me tell you, a 10900k that can do 5GHz without throttling back is NOT enough to keep this game over 28fps in raids, 35-60~ in dungeons depending which part of the combat is taking place. The game is absolute garbage, performance wise. You can assemble the best PC on the face of the planet and you still won't play this thing with smooth 60 fps in parties and raids, especially raids. They know they can't fix it in the current engine (at least not cheaply), so they're not even trying to do so.

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