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Producer take a sit please we need to talk.

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So blade and soul launched in the Geforce now app right? Good.

Now go try the game yourself

Once you get back tell us lhow bad the optimization for the game your are publishing is.

i want you to have the balls and ask and demand korea for their optimized client cause without bnsbuddy you can clearly see how poorly this game runs to the point where users have to frankenstein their clients or windows OS to run this game decently. maybe is server sided or client sided.


i know im talking to the wind by posting this but enough is enough.


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Just tested out the game on Geforce Now and the game runs like a joke, without the personal tweaks to make the game run smoother without them game runs like a$$ and barely got a decent 46 FPS in Zaiwai with around 5-7 Players in the area with all Settings set to 1 this proves that even Nvidia can't fix their incompetence...

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