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enjoyment of the presence of a new class.

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The presence of a new class gave us the opportunity to experience the current high level dungeons and provided items for free with a little hard work, of course, but all of that could not have happened without the help of all parties including the game itself which weakened the system in these dungeons which made  we can explore it even though it's still far below the specified level ... but hey we can finish it, right !.  sadly many don't like our presence the low level enter and participate in the exploration, those who have worked harder than us and those who have spent time and money being super players and think of us as really annoying leeches or rats.  were we wrong on this?  Aren't we currently in the event welcoming the presence of a new class and not forever for only one month, right?  after that it will return to normal again.  for now we can all feel it together, no need to feel hurt or jealous, this is all part of the event in the game.I apologize for my less pleasing words and assure all of you that we also want to enjoy playing this game

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