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Lack of documentation on Mythical weapon system and sealing

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The patch notes as well as the Dark Passage preview page (https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/dark-passage-items-and-systems-preview/) did not include a mention of Mythical Weapons only being sealable at stages +10, +15 and +20. With that, I have upgraded my weapon to mythical stages lower than +10 and now I cannot seal it to send it over to my Astromancer.


I contacted support and they are unable to revert my weapon back to non-Mythical version or even "manually" transfer at the cost of a Mythical Sealing Charm. The lack of documentation around it has gated me from rerolling entirely, in essence.


@Hime any chance you can give an insight about this documentation issue and, possibly look into support ticket #23615585?

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