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[NA] Sparkling Macarons (Cerulean) [Dailies/Raids/PVP/Social/Giveaways & Events] Discord & Stream!

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Sparkling Macarons is an English speaking clan and currently looking for fun and active members. Anyone is welcome to the clan and we're all here to have a wonderful time.

We do not have a gear or level requirement for joining the clan as our goal is to help anyone with any questions in this game. We enjoy doing dailies, weeklies, and raids together.

We are working on finding people that are interested in clan battleground as well. 

Please plan on joining our discord server as we use the discord very often for better communication. 


Sparkling Macarons | Cerulean | Rank 15 | Competitive

Clan Leader: Momoiro Sakura/ Fearless Momo

Clan Advisor: Shïra/ Rinka


Why Sparkling Macarons?

  • We have an amazing group here! Don't play Blade and Soul by yourself. Meet great friends and run together with us!


Any future plans for the clan?

  • Currently we're looking for members who love to have fun. We do want to do clan battleground when we have people who willing to gear PVP gears. We also planning to have some amazing clan events and giveaways!


What is the timezone?

  • Most of our members are in PST, CST, MST and EST timezone. 


Why there isn't a gear/level requirements for this clan?

  • We have many veterans in this clan that can help anyone with any questions or runs. It's all about helping each other out. 


What are the requirements to join?

  • Be respectful! We're here to relax and have fun
  • Join discord when it comes to clan raid
  • Just be active! We're not a storage for alts
  • English is the main language


How to join?




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