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I can't believe I have to do this for my clan craft

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Is it really no other way to get Pirate captain aside from battle ground. I'm not big on the whole unskill players getting wins because of Gear which is why I've never set foot in the place the past...idk how many years it's been open.


Also is cold stage difficult to solo? I'm not going with randoms, ever.

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Real talk why are you not a mod around here I've seen you more active than anyone else around here since the start of our game...


Anyway not once have I ever seen Pirate on the arena npc....but that could be due to me only looking at soulstones.


Not in arena npc.

Also don't see it in shattered item list in F8.

And will the gear from the new class do? Because I can't recall whens the last time I geared for somethin that wasn't in 45 cap. I mean I have some....stuff from past events.

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Hold on a sec, are you referring to Pirate Captain or Pirate King?

Pirate Captain  = Drops in shattered Masts, i do not see it in the PVP npc to buy.

Pirate King has 2 versions, one you get Bloodshade Harbor and the other from Nightshade Harbor / PVP Merchant


Shattered masts is a very veru old dungeon so you wont see it there anymore, you need to open the map on viridian coast and hover over one of the magnifying glasses near jadestone, then you can see it.


I think you should be able to solo cold storage with that gear, but not sure

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Well I did say clan craft in my topic lol. Yes what Louhi said. So then I do need to go to that forsaken place for it after all. Boy can't wait. If only my friend Kun was still playing...boy I wonder why he quit...

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