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Know Thine Enemy Part 1+2 bugs

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I wanted to do the Know Thine Enemy quests on my Astromancer but there are several bugs.
Part 1: You have to kill 200 Moon Refuge mobs -> I already did the daily quest (collecting 30 bane stones) 3x and the Know Thine Enemy quest mob counter is still at 0/200. I killed mobs in all 5 areas and collected stones there, but yeah still 0/200.
Part 2: Often boss kills don't count for the quest and you have to do the dungeons several times until the quest gets updated -> I did one run SSM and killed Volberus but the quest still said I had to kill this boss. I did another run and then it counted. Afterwards Hollows Heart worked and the boss counted after the first time. Next I did Drowning Deeps 2x and still no boss count -> I logged off and today without running the dungeon again the boss counted and was updated to RT. Then I killed Amara 2x and the quest didn't updated.

Anyone else got these problems? Pretty annoying :PoharanConfused:

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Really weird o.O
I just did DST - WC - BC and suddenly part 2 was finished :'D so yeah I guess the dungeons in the quest list are actually other dungeons and we have to guess and try which one xD Someone else mentioned a similar bug for the weekly quests with the dungeon runs.
But for part 1 idk what to do :'D

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We have the same issue with 1 of the 2 weekly group quests. (Halcyon Hills)

They don't update properly so we have no idea what's left to kill / do to have them completed.


Please we need this fixed so we can make sure we get our weekly challenge remnant.


Thank you. :)

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