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yunsang prayer beads or classic yunsang prayer beads

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sometimes we are very serious in responding to things related to games and we don't pay close attention or carefully to anything, if we are careless then bad things happen like what I experienced today, I intend to have gloves as well as a belt that can be found at the Mushin Tower exchanger kangcha which only costs 10 yunsang prayer beads, I was very interested but I didn't have enough beads and I remember at Hongmoons store selling these beads and they were very cheap, I was very happy "woohhooo yayy" I said to myself and I bought it but I was surprised after buying these beads that written clasic yunsang prayer beads..OMG I said to myself again ... why? .... is this April fool's ... I seem to be stuck on the loading screen for ... idk maybe 5 ... 6 minutes. I can't believe this happened to me ... OMG

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