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Den of Ancients Leaderboard

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So i went to the support since they didnt reset the leaderboards for den of ancients and it still lists the old times from pre nerf. So ppl that now manage to kill it wont receive anything while ppl that cannot do it anymore but could before since it was easy will reap the benefits. And GM Taywong which probably didnt even bother properly reading my ticket told me to make suggestion here in forum instead of forwarding it to someone that can actually help. Could any Forum Mod or something maybe forward this issue to someone from the GM team that cares so this can be fixed? 
Thought after bamboo exploit support would take tickets like this more seriously.

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Doubt anything will be done here, mainly because until the update it was the official ranking dungeon as it was. Leaderboards typically reset at season end and Den season ends on October 14th. I dont really see an issue here, simply because those that ranked top before will rank top now aswel. So the impact is rather very minimal.


If you didnt get to do it before the update i would say, too bad, but its not the games fault since we got at least 1,5 week notice they would be buffed.

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