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improvization or lack of capacity?

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could they ever put an update without killing the game? They always have to ruin something, 7 hours and there are problems .. I wonder why 7 hours if it goes wrong later ... what do they do with those 7 hours? Whoever does not get stuck when creating the new character, gets stuck in the dungeon room, the latter does not matter if it is with the new person or the previous classes. There are people for whom the game is normal and others for whom it is not, for whom it is normal, please do not give your opinion, if you are not going to add, do not subtract either. as for the ncsoft team. could you answer seriously? They test before updating or what comes out and is solved later? I wonder why if it is the second option, better wait a week in another game and return to the Wednesday following each update because this situation is already irritating. They are asked for understanding or sincerity, sincerity to be able to say, we do what we can do and well, have patience, understanding so that this stops being so annoying, take more time when making an update and do your job accordingly or once again, change the name of the game as within the community, this particular server is already told bnsbug

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