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Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove Available September 23

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Instead of adding mediocre bundles for trove, maybe consider buffing the rewards a bit. The only thing I spend HMC on for trove lately is cosmetics because the rates of everything else is so horrible. This time around there are not even cosmetics worth wasting time on :/

I mean, for the stream, the trove part was rigged to have the guaranteed crit pop after a couple keys and when it did pop and was crappo the streamers quickly moved on xD


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vor 6 Stunden schrieb tcjijie:

When will this time Treasure Trove end? Is it October 21 which means we have Treasure Trove for 4 weeks instead of 2 weeks?

as they also sell their keys until October 21th, I'd guess they go for 4 weeks now:




PS: lol I also missed, they noticed the exact end time there.

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