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New to the game, need advice on what gear to get (Fire)


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Hi, as the title says i'm new to the game and was wondering if there were specific items to get that could be considered "mandatory" for the spec, i know overall the game is pretty straight forward when it comes to upgrades etc but i can't help being worried about buying or getting the wrong item.

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Well... generally speaking, it's not overly difficult to find the items you should or shouldn't get. When it comes to items that have 2-3 versions, they tend to come catered either to PvP versus PvE or they're ordered based on the class path. For example, if you're a Blade Master (which has 3 specs) and you wanted to know which of the bracelets from Circle of Sundering to get, there's 3 bracelets. The first is for 1st spec, the second for 2nd spec and the third for 3rd spec in that order. The same would go for your Gunslinger. The first bracelet goes to the 1st spec (left to right), which I believe is Fire and the second bracelet goes to 2nd spec (which I think is Dark).


Now, the easiest way to tell if a weapon/accessory is for your spec or another spec of your class is just to hover over the item with your mouse and look at the tooptip. It will generally list what skills it enhances, if not straight-up tell you which path it's made for. You can use this to easily determine if that piece of gear is for you or not.


With that being said, there are a few items worth going over.


First and foremost is your Soul Badge. These help boost skills and create some useful synergies that help your combat, rotation and damage. In your case, you want to get the Liberty soul badge as early as possible. The easiest way to do that right now is buying Liberty Tokens... but it may run you some gold to get the 70 tokens. While working towards that badge, do Trial Arena and Tower of Infinity as possible to get yourself tokens to make the Resurgence Badge. When you eventually are able, you're going to fuse the Liberty and Resurgence badges to make the Paragon Soul Badge. This thing is very useful and will be your go-to fused soul badge. If you get some Martial Tokens during all of this, you can spend them to get the Legacy soul badge in the meantime.


Another thing of note is Soul Shields. These give you a lot of boosts as well as being your main source for defence and HP. You'll want to use primers on these eventually to boost critical on them. I won't get into it here, but look into how to properly prime soul shields.


Everything else is pretty straightforward.

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...Also, consider that nothing that you have now, or acquire is going to be that useful for very long. The Devs always, ALWAYS change the gear and weapons, and the level of monster or Boss and Dungeon that you are fighting... What you can solo for months even, now becomes impossible... Even with the best mechanics, you'll always be upgrading your gear... Always.... If you decide to spend real money to get what you want, consider waiting before you buy, because gear will sometimes be discounted, or even given away that you were struggling to find or buy...

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