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Patch preview stream?

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16 hours ago, ShinyRukii said:

Based on this comment; 

yes, there will be a broadcast.
Since I assume the next update is a "major update" in their eyes.

Yes there is definitely stream for next patch, because THERE IS TROVE.

If you know what I mean, trove always comes with some 'major update' in their eyes, to make people trove more and hence they make money.

And if u know what I mean again, regardless of what is the update, they will 100% do stream for trove, because they need to attract people to spend money and hence they can make more money.

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Yes, the plan is to stream minus any unforeseeable issues!


38 minutes ago, JoannaRamira said:

Who's available to stream ? Will it be Nicholas and Hime ?

It'll be Bretty and I.

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vor 28 Minuten schrieb KlausFlouride:

RU stream is done so we already know what's being done.

You are kidding, right? RU also had the Summer Love outfit on the regular shop already, while here for NCWest, not even support can help with info, because of non-disclosure. So my guess for costume is a "special new stuff" offer for summer 2021. And for that stream, I wouldn't wonder if some stuff there will be 2021 for us as well-.

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