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5 minutes ago, yame51 said:


Why can't the 7 day premium be used only for VIP members, then why take it if it can't be used

Purchase  this token to receive 7 days of Premium Membership during the regular maintenance on September 23rd. Your Premium Membership will be extended if you already have Premium Membership"

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If someone is wondering why its starting at 23rd Sept. -> Trove is coming.
Means no daily dash. They won't allow a f2p player to get hmcoins anymore.
The very low chance hitting the blue field was still to high for them. So, nerfed to zero.

They did it last time. And now again. I'm sure, they will keep it up like this.


Collecting event currency for "free" premium is bad too.
Use it for this and you can't get other event items anymore.
In good old times we had a code. Premium + costume + separate event items.


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