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[Update] Item Removal from Moontide Outfit Exploit

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Senior GM Diceflip

2 hours ago


We understand where you're coming from. However, as mentioned earlier, all the necessary items/currency has been restored already to all accounts affected by the development team in the recent maintenance.

realy? you mark my ticket as solved when i didnt recive anything from all the petpods i transmuted?
how can you even call yourself a seniorGM when you cant even do your job,  the matter is not solved ffs! 

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Return the transmute gold cost? You're kidding right? What about the millions of legitimately obtained soulstones and legitimately obtained gold that was used to buy pets off the marketplace? The tran

@Hime I'm pretty sure you can check my payment record in last 4 years. Your company will never get single euro form me ever again. Not because i care about that couple pet pods, but because I don't li

So no positioning about the gold used to buy pets from F5 or Faction chat? That's the biggest issue for most people... Reading it again, it is actually worse -- people who bought get no gold b

On 8/27/2020 at 6:41 PM, Hime said:

We understand this issue has been unnecessarily stressful so as a small thanks for your patience we’ll have a 0 Hongmoon Coin compensation bundle for all players to collect on September 2. Bundle details will be available then.


Thank you and again, we apologize for the inconveniences this has caused.




This? This is your 0 Hongmoon Coin Compensation bundle for the mess NCsoft caused in the negligent, incompetent handling of this issue? This is it? This is actually more insulting than if you slapped us in the face and told us to go pound sand because we aren't getting anything at all. Doing that would have actually been preferable to this corporate mealy-mouthed linguini-spined half hearted insult/apology.




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@Hime I know it is the result of hard work but finally ncsoft reached its goal. I will login only for raid contant in the future. Obviolusly I also cancelled my subscripction and I wont renew it ever again. Stealing items from my storage was the last straw for me. Killing a game within a few months will be a good reference if u start searching for a new job. Cannot wait for additional notification in connection with pet pods. I highly doubt that the community would believe anything after this $hitstorm. 

Mark tickets as solved ones! This is how you fix problems.


If you have concerns regarding this or has any feedback, you may post it in our forums: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/249857-update-item-removal-from-moontide-outfit-exploit/


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I had EVERY outfit and accesory from rng boxes for which I paid REAL MONEY, you stole EVERYTHING FROM ME and then return only a part. where are my missing outfits??? You refuse to make a refund, why?????  You get my money and remove the goods I bought to you, is it even legal? You're steeling!!! 

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@Hime So here we are again...
It looks like you and your Team are not keepable of providing good solutions to your faults.
My story:
@ removal day you deleted 40 Petpods
@ recovery day you gave me just 90G (transmute cost of 18 pps) so there are missing 180 Soulstones and a pet cost of 10-20 g each for 18 pp. In addition you strait up removed  22 Petpods i got 100% legit; so if you don't want that many pps are  in the marked, give those players the gold they deserved back.
(I know others lost way more but the principal is important)

So I wrote the support and said ... happens we do nothing.
Real life comparison:
What do you say when somebody robbes you in real life (takes away your car and furniture), are you happy when the lawyer sais i dont care give the thief your stuff.

That's so pathetic.


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Am 28.8.2020 um 00:41 schrieb Hime:

Hey, i have an similiar issue tbh i bought 190 Pet pods via the "Bug" from a player for around 17k Gold and now they just got taken away and i dont even got my gold back from the Transmutin these pets into pet pods so. i hope there will be any chance to get my pet pods legit bought back or atleast the gold i spent on it cus how should i know it was "bugged ressources" i just bought it via F5 or Faction chat i also have proofs from the trade and video from the F5 purchase if needed. I hope atleast for a compensation in that way cus its kinda unfair i just made around 17k Gold loss which is huge in my position


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Keep getting the same copy pasta answer over and over again 

Senior GM Drayg

8 hours ago


We understand where you're coming from. However, as mentioned earlier, all the necessary items/currency has been restored already to all accounts affected by the development team in the recent maintenance.


the fact is I haven't got even a single gold back from the transmutes I did.

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1 hour ago, Blazerahn said:

they dont even awnser anymore. just taging tickes as solved and and call it a day. 
@hime stil never replys.

gues its anather "en-masse entertainment" situation going to happend

I bet @hime is packing her stuffs, lol, like wtf can she even say....

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Egoist00:

I bet @hime is packing her stuffs, lol, like wtf can she even say....

@Hime doesn't even play the game actively, so how should she know what the heck is going on? I'd love to get paid for doing actually nothing... Or just maybe log into the forum once a week, copy/paste the maintenance news and that's it. Easy money.

Edited by Miiyo
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"Hi there,

As previously discussed, we are unable to provide additional details, restoration or compensation regarding this matter. Again, any concern regarding this case should be posted in the forums.

Reference: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/249857-update-item-removal-from-moontide-outfit-exploit/

Thank you for understanding. If there's anything else, don't hesitate to notify us.


NCSOFT Support Team"


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Am 28.8.2020 um 16:56 schrieb Bl4de:

To be honest its not devs to blame for this. Bugs like this will happen in complex game like this, its inevitable.

Problem is how ncwest is managing the game and their inability to respond to this properly and at right time.

Ncwest needs to have staff that have some other skills except "communication skills" ;)

Esp them to blame, yeah bugs can happpen: No Biggie! yeah, bugs can stay undetect: No Biggie! but this but was reported and NOT fixed for 5months+ after initially reported. Keeping the market in mind petpods lost huge chunk of value around Nov last year, making this bug almost a year old. If we now consider the people that noticed/got told took their sweet time getting pods, selling for profit, stacking up long before they started selling.


Staff in itself have if only copypaste skill, since our dearest NC West staff cant do anything about the game. Its 100% KR at fault for neglecting the bugs for a vast amount of patch cycles rendering it by deffinition a feature.

Am 28.8.2020 um 17:37 schrieb Uldrum:

At this point you gotta be trolling right? They can delete your account for any reason at any moment if they want, You do not own any thing.

Do you guys even read https://us.ncsoft.com/en-us/legal/blade-and-soul/blade-and-soul-user-agreement



Since both are lame transslations of KR terms I highly doubt they affect us. And as long you spent money they wont delete your stuff anyways (script worked different but thats been a halff a♥♥♥d solution regardless). So in theory you are right, however since the initial bug became a feature it was no longer punishable.

Am 28.8.2020 um 22:33 schrieb NorbertTheOpinionated:

1) NCsoft has had 5 months~ish notice to fix the moontide outfit bug and they only now fix it when it blows up in their face...

2) They only care if a bug becomes beneficial for the players or a problem for NCsoft? ...

3)  The assassin class is broken right now, ....I mean in the sense that it has a class ability that literally doesn't work right now...

4) Basically, be honest with me - are you going to fix my class in the next 3 months, or should I just stop playing?....

5) Note that there are other bugs that I personally made NCsoft aware of with support tickets....

6) What needs to happen in order for this game to get fixed faster? .... What? ....

7) Why is NCsoft working on stupid nonsense like the Mythical .....

1) Yeah, they wanted to give those who didnt use the exploit a chance to catch up participating in said event.

2) They are a company so anything money related is important. Everything else is not. And this fix is a mere loottable edit, which coulddve been done long ago. And even now its been done so poorly and ugly, that they even messed up emotes doing so...

3) Since they (NC West) only use files provided by them (Team Moneylust aka NC Soft) we can be happy the game is running at all /giggle The issue with assa is simply that they dont understand what causes which bug, so they cant fix it either.

4) On their agenda there is no issue. Ppl will reroll (which brings money), gear up (which brings money) or quit (which will be ppl who didnt cash alot anyways). So...you really think they care?

5) Frankly make them bugs public. Only way they will take actions, is if enough people benefit from bugs. And as long said bugs dont hurt them, they wont care. We (West) are half a percent, so anything we pay is flat earnings for them. Am I suggesting to expose them? Truthfully I'd say if youd were, and still thinking to play the game: Do not expose them with any hints shown.

6) Wild guess, they aint hiring since KR is in terms with cashing alot. West has no stafff who has any knowledge in any field, so...it'd be safe to assume the playerbase has to fix the game themselfs again. Possible yes, plenty groups do so. Sadly they dont share their fixes...

7) Well yeah, new stuff. Which is copypaste again and frankly any work compared to fixing things they dont understand.


All in all Id view the (public) pet event as retribution for all players that didnt use it back when it was an exploit.

Am 31.8.2020 um 18:49 schrieb Cupidstar:

First, the "exploit": What exploit?

You (NCSoft) made a mistake of selling an outfit for 2 threads. That outfit, when salvaged, produced 10 threads. This is all using mechanics implemented ingame by NCSoft, so, don't know which "exploit" it is. (It isn't a bug either: you were buying it at the adjusted price, which was the same price that was being shown)

This could be done on an unmodified client: no mods, no bugs, no glitches, no exploits, no tricks, no hacks, no attacks, no injection, no mitm ...

Just a plain unmodified version, by buying 1 item and salvaging. <-- How is this an exploit?

(This assumes the computer security meaning for the word "exploit". Check Wikipedia.)

Everything was intended by you (NCSoft).


Second, the public announcement: Why?

So, you (NCSoft) know you've made a mistake. You closed down the servers for an emergency maintenance, made the mistake public, exposed steps to reproduce and didn't fix the mistake before opening the servers? You do know that you're supposed to clean up the mistakes before announcing them publicly?


Third, the "clean up": Could it be handled better?

Well, yes!

In very simple steps:

  1. Create a new currency (lets call it "wool")
  2. Change the threads cost to the new "wool"
  3. Since you know those who bought the outfit for the new value, and how much they bought, you could automatically convert the threads that were paid for into this "wool" item
  4. Those that bought the outfits at the reduced price and had a stock of threads would still have the expired threads, which would be useless
  5. You could change the price of the "wool" to a bit higher and nobody would notice, or very few would, earning you a little bit more

And you could just have a lot less work, have it done a lot cleaner, faster and without messing with people's paid stuff.


Lets hope that you (NCSoft) handle the next mistake without messing with people's earned stuff.

Your hopes are futile, however first and second are spot on, so Ill not gonna adjust the quote.


For the same explanation you gave it was safe to buy the items, and *scrolls up* no action against ToS or CoC. Since it was implementend and worked as provided. I personally am thankful for the detailed guide on external sites such as mmoga or in bns forums, else I wouldnt have gotten certain outfits.


Everything was intended by you (NCSoft). Indeed, and for that I am thankful.

Am 5.9.2020 um 01:05 schrieb xLevi:

Same, got outfits back (Not costumized as they were but ok, fine) but anything else. 
I mean why would u even trust nsoft? 

Not costumized which does cost items and ingame money too! Id still ask and demand those items back. I wouldnt trust getting them either, but you rightfully re-colored your outfits so you have all the rights to.

Am 7.9.2020 um 01:24 schrieb Duhas:

So any update on the gold from the transmutes we're missing? 

Since CS only refers to this thread and @Hime went silent all of a sudden. I doubt we see any gold nor the rightfully purchased pets/pet pods again. Its a shame but at this point people will have to decide if its worthwhile sticking around. Me personally I am thrilled to see what items I will get robbed next.

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