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Where is Summer Love???

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Where is Summer Love? Seriously !!!

Most of the (remaining) players I talked either don't even know or don't care how to obtain this outfit anymore.

@Hime You guys used that outfit on every banner but it's nowhere to be found.

Pretty sure that's another famous NCWest copy/pasta drop but I love to see this is not the case.

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6 hours ago, Cor said:

It's a new outfit it has not been available before, should come in the near future in some way.


6 hours ago, LilyPipy said:

My guess is that is going to be in the next outfit rotation.

Don't bet on either of these, the same happened to Blood Oath. Used as a banner for 3rd spec sin. But never legitimately released (it was available for a day or two for rng box currency like we have now but only *after* the boxes were over)

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I wondered about that question before and no, haven't got any real answer either.


Am 20.8.2020 um 17:17 schrieb Belido:



after recent updates I was checking the showroom for new costumes, aaaaaand I found one named "Summer Love", but everything I checked so far, it can't be obtained atm, right?

Or have I missed anything?


Anyway, a little Yun has an urgent desire for this one:




Let's hope tomorrows F10 rotation gives the answer, If not, then, then .....:tears:

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vor 10 Minuten schrieb luzt:

Oh that's great! For us, the old stuff offered seems to be still good enough.

Probably they going to safe up that one for summer 2021, together with the UE 4 update.

But look at the bright side, it will safe us money!

As with the current pace there will be no BnS EU/US left to spend money for in summer 2021....

Edited by Belido
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vor 2 Stunden schrieb luzt:

yeah, its extra silly when you notice they added Maritime Patrol in the rotation eventhough its permanently available already in F10.

Atleast they're the same price~

Lol and ofc it is not exactly the same price for the items, else it wouldn't be NCWest taking care of it!

The current season offer is 1199 Coin for the Set of Maritime Patrol and the Maritime Patrol Cap.

The common offer is 1199 Coin for  Maritime Patrol and 399 Coin for the Maritime Patrol Cap.

So you can save 399 Coins with this super exclusive offer ... or well you can save it all, as you don't look for another stupid uniform and don't get the chance to wast Coins for the pretty cool looking Summer Love Outfit.

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Hey you are right, but personally I havent even taken out the caps for both Maritime patrol and Red alert from my received items mailbox

because I don't like the hairstyle you get when you wear them. Though thats my opinion.


Also your last point I agree with completely

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