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Mind letter for gm game

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I hope gm game should review changes in the game like the following cases:

1, We, as casual player, hope GM can somehow adjust the gold reward from dungeon, with people who don't have much time to play, we're lacking gold for progress gear. Only peoples with many alts or farmer or who can sit for longer have gold for upgrade gear.


2, And MSP is overpower for casual player, without the box, upgrade heart and soul become harder.

3, Also there is a problem with connection, my ping is evey unstable recently

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So I was answering quite detailed and forum bot kicked me from this session, so a brief recap:


  1. GMs can't, KR devs could but wont since they base our gold amount by whats in KR players pocket.
  2. MSP is a joke, or more like a punishment (or lets face it revealing a well known bug after 4months like: go upgrade, youll need in msp)
  3. This is what suprises the most, since many ppl got banned or left. Performance should be better. Guess we wont know unless we ask Schroedingers cat.

The alt topic: Scrap it unless rn you wanna go arena and make ~50gold for free per character lv45+. Ill do an update gold farming guide somewhat next week, but as far I can tell already. It. Looks. Grim.

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wtf you talking about ?


blade and soul are xml configrate server side the raids mech the quest even the doungelist maps all the game changes going with the xml editing they have full access as they server located at thier office what he ask they can do it in few minutes of work acutally they can do everything related to the game if they want we remember the exploit bug right they fix it the same way they can for adding or change the game content by players request however they choose not and its all depend of them not korea studio, about the kr company they the one holding the game source code however the question is ask are based server xml side , not c++ development , please read before you post , if you want more details on the server look i can show you image from someone host, i promise you i know what i speak here.

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What I hate the most is that time and time again, support will tell you to post your suggestions and concerns on the forums. But clearly nobody is reading these posts. Hundreds of players have complained about performance, hundreds of players have complained about gold and the progression system, and hundreds of players have complained about all the other problems in the game every single week. But every patch that we get is just another addition to the game, but no changes at all. The only recent change that they made was adding gold to weeklies, which originally I thought was ok. But now were starting to realize how stupid this was considering we could make more gold on multiple characters with less people every day. So they took away our gold, and they gave it back, but not in the way we asked for it. Its so frustrating.

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