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Legitimately obtained outfits removed

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Nothing new bro..., dropped 30k Gold on buying LEGIT way Pets / soul stones and transmuting them into pet pods from F5... just to login today and see all of them vanished.., the first thing that came

Deleting over hundred outfits between all those rng boxes I had purchased is a complete joke.   I won't even bother with a support ticket.  Total fraud.

The pet pots on my summoner are still there, but on all other characters they got deleted because i bought the rose accessories. Why did you even bother when you do such a half assed job?  

2 minutes ago, swordin said:



really embarrassed that i spent my money all these years for such care 

PREACH! I feel the same way, shame on them.... if by some miracle my nostalgia keeps me from quiting completely I WILL NEVER give them a dime again.

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personaly i abused NPC for outfits but i bought most of pets to make pet pods from market and they are also removed i losed a lot of gold i hope they will look into logs if I write ticket and give me back pets and pet pods from f5 

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So you have given yourself a freedom of removing all the items we have legally obtained through years, for some cashed out and for some with gold and HMC?? What is this? You went on and removed the Rosethorns i payed thousands of gold for back in February-March and spend tens of chromatic threads on customizing them? You have removed all the stuff i legally bought off F5 or faction in past few weeks? Really??? If you are doing something then do it properly, remove the illegally obtained stuff, no problem, but removing stuff i payed for and not giving me gold back? Thats called a STEAL and a ROBBERY + laziness. You could have done this properly and checked the actual logs, but u felt that its hard to do that. If you are gonna just say "Oh u abused this and that and we removed everything from ur acc as a punishment", then you could have as well taken in consideration that some ppl obtained some stuff "illegally" on that first day and then stopped after seeing the announcement here? So now i am sitting here with -15.000 gold, maybe even more, all legally spent on items. Either give the gold back and keep the items, or give all the items legally obtained back to their owners. Learn to stop cutting the corners and do your job properly.


#23597978 @Hime

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For this you can do emergency Maint:

Geschrieben/wrote 13. August

Starting on August 13, 9:30 a.m. PDT / 18:30 CEST, all servers will undergo maintenance. All servers will be unavailable for approximately 2 hours. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.


But for Bamboo not ;) find the joke... and now stole all from the ppl...  :giggle:

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