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New player advice needed

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So I have just started playing the game few days ago .uptil now I really like the story as to how it is progressing .my question is am I too late to the party ? Most people here say the game is p2w. 


I can spend around 200-250$ a year on a mmorpg if it is good . I normally do like mmo with focus on pvp  but good pve content too.i have played ff14 but its combat was quite slow , I tried wow and stick with it for 10 years but ultimately gave up on it when they messed up pvp .Black desert online had good combat system but I got bored of the endless useless grind it demanded with no fun .

So what do you guys think ? Should I invest time and money in this game ? Any suggestion advice would be appreciated as I am pretty bored with nothing to play atm .

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I'm telling you right now, that I not only regret spending a penny on this game but that I ever bought the founder's pack for it. The story's good up until you Divine Mandate Ritual, but from there, the story's quality deteriorates rapidly. Anything involving the old characters will feel good though.


As far as PVP is, I reference to you my post:


The TL;DR is that it's a joke now.

6v6 was always a joke though, but the original 1v1 is on life support, and 3v3 is dead. The Devs themselves gave up on Open World at around the level 45 patch.


PVE is grindy, and frustrating in terms of mechanics. Thankfully, most players can solo the old dungeons, but the new ones require that you dance around, stand in very specific spots for very specific periods of time, or you're instantly dead and your iframes can't save you.


Raids are like PVE, but worse. If one person dies in some instances, it's a wipe. I honestly like my odds better clearing Ultra Nightmare for DOOM Eternal on a consul than clearing all the content in this game, because at least that doesn't require I dump a few hundred or thousand dollars into 3 types of damage boosting equipment that gives very minor buffs, and doesn't account for the other 9 or 6 items I have to upgrade.

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It's not only p2w the playerbase is also near dead because nc only cares about how to milk as much money out of the players as possible. If you spend money on this trainwreck you are sure to regret it at some point.

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