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Please compensate NA players with 7/7 Daily Rewards and Mats...

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And unfortunately, some of us have kids and so we usually only get a little over an hour per night to play. Just sucks! 


Oh and not to mention, we lost out on time for a wishing lamp since we can't do the dailies -_-  And there's only several days remaining.

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Yeah just can't do anything in the game atm and my friends can't even log in right now. We waited most of the day to get in then found the game too be laggy and somewhat buggy and then all of a sudden it's Lag and Bug City. Can't take quests, can't open chests, getting messages that our bags are full when they aren't even close to being full. Things are a Total Mess today


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Hello, with the double maintenance this week you can find a Server Maintenance Compensation Pack in the HM Store for 0 HMC.

The Pack includes:

  • x1 Orb of Ascension
  • x10 Honing Oil
  • x1 Superior Reputation Charm
  • x1 Superior Daily Challenge Treasure Chest


Thank you for your patience!

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