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Quit and Soul - Are you leaving too?

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It just made to a point where me and many others which I know, feels like the game became depressing and we could all be doing greater and more funny things instead tbh. The greatest content maker have announced already within this month to stop  making any contents for this game and this shouldn't be ignored. it is quite a big hit and impacts the playerbase since people needs to see good content of this game to make it more enjoyable. I have considered quittig this game too in the near future and the reason for that is without a doubt not a question. Also, I have invested a big amount of cash in this game so I am a whale but I have spent my good times in this game and I am thankful to all my friends for all the fun. Let me know your thoughts about this game rn are you leaving as well? If yes when are you leaving the game?

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iam quit too, main reason are fps and stutter. and after i tried new mmorpg, the performance is like sky and earth.

i cant tolerate anymore 10-12 fps in raid. back then when i still have potato pc, i can blame myself and force through it
but now after upgrade my pc. not anymore.

no amount of gold and gear upgrade can make up for this 10-12 fps and stutter.

and i reliaze it's sunken cost fallacy to continue play. so i quit
maybe play some only for raid for clan.

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