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The people at NCSoft West?

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Il y a 16 heures, 158425425G7 a dit :

They have feelings too. Remember that.

If they want us to respect them they need to stop ♥♥♥♥♥ us every single patch.


Performance ?

Balance ?

Pay to win ?

Farmability  ?

PVP time restrictions ?

Cheats ?


Thoose are just some. This bug actully removes alot of the pay to win thats why i think this should be an official event and the same should be done with sacred oils in the future too just like xp charms.

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Well none with common sense blame NCWest staff for this. However silly was that announcement form poor GM that become main meme in all this thing, that's not root of the problem. Obviously NCSoft central didn't provide NCWest with enough technical capabilities to resolve simple issue like this on its own.

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Just enjoy the combat as long as you can. NCwest is not heared in Korea, you can actually see it by the thing that's going on at the moment. NCsoft doesn't care about pc games anymore as you see the company transformation to a pure mobile game developer and publisher is going on. The best that could happen to this game is, if it is sold to another company, which cares about the pc development. However this will never happen, as BnS will be hold by the company as a mobile brand.

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