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Personal Thoughts on "The Great Loot of Bamboo Village"

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NCs, What are your solution to this issue? I myself as a Bns veteran is really confused about your actions, banning exploiters while allowing people to exploit more. If you are banning the exploiters, why don't you just remove the NPC, or fix the cost of Moontide to stop them from exploiting in the first place? 


I really loved BnS, and put tons of hope into this game, I believed you could bring us UE4, I believed you could fix the codings so we don't have fps drops in a raid, I believed you could bring us more and better events. You promised us about UE4, we waited and waited, I hoped the coding can be fixed when UE4 arrives, you brought us some good events for advancement, like the armory chest a few months ago, and the current lamp event is also great. But what is this Bamboo Village stuff? Free... outfits? hm... okay... they are nice outfits, I love them, getting those won't hurt, since storing them in my collection doesn't cause imbalance to the game system itself; but pet pods...... holy ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤! people got their maxed ped aura and talisman in a day?! This is causing imbalance, and you are doing nothing...... okay maybe not nothing, you banned someone...... but for a few days?!!!! and left their pet auras remain upgraded???? WOW. so is it like, a bank forgot to lock their vault, I robbed a billion dollars and got caught, the police kept me in jail for only 3 days and released me without taking the robbed money away. Hello? Is this a kind of crime encouragement? Telling everybody that it is not ok to rob a bank because you would be locked in jail for 3 days, but you could keep the money :) 


Personally, I did not craft, buy, and sell a single ped pod and soul stone, not even outfits, some of my friends didn't too. Because we all truly loved this game, and we don't want this game to go downhill, we know a majority of the community are farming pet pods, but we still didn't do it. The exploiters can call us dumb if they want to, we are who we are, we respect the game, and we wish you can do something to show that you received our respects. You could reroll back... But tons of people farmed a lot of Nyraka, MSP, or even CCs (including me), we truly don't want these farms to be flushed down the toilet bowl......


I don't want to lie, that I did get all the outfits available from that merchant, everyone did the same because it is your responsibility to make sure that the items traded are having the correct currency value. However, I stopped after outfits (omg I loved outfits, outfits No.1 in my heart lol, surely, I couldn't resist myself), no gold transactions, no gear progressions, threw everything irrelevant away afterward. So, if you are going to ban me because I said I got those outfits, then ban everybody, if you are going to remove those outfits, then remove everyone's outfits (what about pet pods?... aren't they a more serious problem than outfits?).  I just want to tell you that, there are still a lot of players out there respecting this game deeply in their heart, and we are not planning to do anything that disrupts the balance of the game, and hope you guys can do better to impress us.


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4 hours ago, IAmWho said:

 and we are not planning to do anything that disrupts the balance of the game,

i just want to comment on this, what balance?

The progression is  purely about how much money you sink into this game at a certain point, no normal player would ever be able to get those items to maximum just by playing the game, because the materials(pet pots) are a very limited resource , it would take years of playing to reach the current max stage, but for WHAT EVER REASON, some people already got the max withing a week or two, yes such balance.

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The games actually gone uphil. the daily user count doubled , pvp is active. F8 is beyond active. The game itself is bustling and everyone has a chance at these upgrades if u do the work. no ones been left out of anything. all u have to do is farm the soulstones in Pvp even losing u still win. No ones been giving an unfair advantage. its all about if u choose to do it. this actually helped the game because it made farming and upgrading so much more exciting people are playing this game longer , grinding harder. even HELPING others to upgrade their stuff to. New players are signing up and old players. the game is anything but dying. It WAS before this. and if they ban 95% of the BnS population , it will be dead. 

I don't get why people insist on crying over it. It's not directly bothering you , if you don't want to do it then dont. If you do , then do it. 

I chose not to but there are people advocating for my friends to get banned and ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. what they do doesnt bother me. Soulstones to high? farm them , like so many others are doing. NOTHING is stopping anyone from grinding.

Someone elses gear upgrades should not be a reason for you to get pissy. it's not a personal attack on you

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