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Way of handling the exploit

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is the most unprofessional   ive ever seen coming from a gaming company.

The reason the exploit exists is cause you NCW overlooked it, people who abuse it deserve to be punished, specially when they do it on stream, no need to provide examples.

Regardless the best you could have done is disabled/removed the outfit from the Outfit Merchant and fixed it at maintenance day. This just shows how awful you are as a company, among MANY HUGE other examples of the games mistreatment.


Of course when the Western branch is runned by a Korean who doesnt speak/understand english we cant expect anything decent.


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15 minutes ago, Cathy said:

How we all used to laugh at how Nexon was worst of them all and no way could sink any lower, more so when nexon kr up right stole point blank their 2012 (or 13) Christmas costume them years.

Nothing will ever beat NCWests management lmao, its absolutely pathetic and even people who work there say how awful it is by the reviews. I feel bad for anyone who still invests on this trap.

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