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Starting this thread to collect suggestions for balance changes because PvP is a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ mess.

To start it off I would like to see a change to the invis mechanic for sin.

In battleground it makes it unable to interact with the enemy if they can cap points invisible while also putting up a resist for themselves so even if you have 1-2 spells which do not require targeting you cant interrupt the enemy. This kind of non interactional gameplay is not fun.
I also believe it is problematic in 1v1 arena but thats probably because my class just cant do much about an invis sin and other classes have a better matchup, but I still think you should be able to react to attacks a sin does when hes invisible (maybe make him uncloack before the attack comes out) because right now it doesnt feel fair not even being able to react to the attack because you simply cant see it.

Let me know what you guys think about it and also on other skills/classes you feel need to get changed.

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Depending on build, half of a sins damage / skills are dependant on stealth so no should be as is.


also doesnt really matter what balance changes you suggest, we get the changes that are done in KR so unless what you suggest makes it to KR, it will not happen here.

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Im not talking about damage though im talking about unstealthing sin when capping points or taking horn?

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Posted (edited)

Note that i am not always focusing 6v6 for theese but if i do i write it down.


Blade master: Fire/Lightning remove untargatable or make it tab only atleast + reduce dmg of flash step and reduce dmg overall cause currently this class can one shot you faster than fire fm, Third spec, remove autoblock so if you get stunned you cant block.

Destroyer: Earth/Shadow make it possible to break their shield with KB or some rare type of CC, Third spec decrease iron clad dmg reduction.

Summoner: Decrease dmg of small bees thoose summoner uses to 100 to 0 in one aerial.

Force master: Ice remove wallbang by simply making it possible to tab at wall, Fire change 500 ap buff to 500 boss ap for their self buff, Third spec decrease dmg of aerial in 6v6

KFM: let the 2 sec resist gems expire.

Assasin: i dont know what it is but they can cap a point even tho enemys attack him 24/7 make that impossible!, reduce evasion while in stealth and make aoe stuns work against them in stealth.

Blade dancer: Lightning make V skill (the atomic bomb skill) unable to be used in aerial, Wind increase CD of shields just slightly and if Untargatable still exist in BD remove that too.

Warlock: Sorry this class is trash i want it to get buffed or better to get the old warlock back which would be mid tier i suppose in current meta.

Soul fighter: Is fine if the other op classes get nerved. but well could be biased cause i am sf myselfe. Its the most predictable class in my oppinion which makes it easy to counter em.

Gunner: Shadow increase CD of 4 slightly so you cant use it twice in one aerial, increase hooks instead.

Warden: Make KB work in blade ward

Archer: Remove wallbang they currently have even stronger wallbang than fm.


I play: Blade master, Destroyer, Force Master, KFM, Assasin, Blade dancer, Warlock, Soul fighter and gunner.


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