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Sword Shroud Issue


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It was great to make Sword Shroud available during a violent blade for both spirit and singing blade, it won't cause a large dps drop due to switching back to normal stance when using Hongmoon block. However, the long skill animation of Dragon Tongue and Honed Slash can make the violent blade hard to cast, sometimes, if we one tap f, it won't be activated because the cd from the long animation prevented it from getting used, as a result we had to constantly tapping f to use this skill. Now if we want to just block a yellow attack by tap it vigorously, it triggers Sword Shroud when we don't need it...... if we don't spam it, it may not activate and we would get knocked back while tanking...... 

I don't know which other keys to move this spell to since I am so used on F to be Sword Shroud...... it was a great spell change for dps, but for the sake of consistency, I would recommend you to switch it back, where Sword Shroud can only be activated using 1 F instead of F F.

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