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Nyraka Hunting Zone Channels

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8 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

Previous zones like this had the treshold set at 24 players per channel if you do not see more channels very likely there arent 24 players there to trigger xd

You are comparing this with beastbog or GHS, which this is not. You have clearly never been inside that zone if you think 24 players would be enough to trigger a new channel. The threshold is WAY higher.  The only "previous zone like this" has been Ebon, and like i already mentioned somewhere else, when you got killed in Ebon, you would get teleported to the safe zone INSIDE the map. Here you get kicked out the map. Which is why ebon opened more realms, the ppl that got killed while afk botting were still counting towards the channel limit.

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i fail to understand how they messed up this event.Its 1 plus 1 to know that if your gonna patch something like this ,with pve and pvp mixed in you need the zone running as optimal as possible.... saying player cap haven't been met just shows how untested and unplanned this event was.Blade & Soul  is known for having worst fps on high budget pcs, and korea devs really out here throwing everybody on 1 channel looooooooool....


most common issue with MMORPG games is once theres alot of people in 1 area of the map, the fps goes down,add in fighting effects, 3rd spec, mob effects, environment  and blade and soul poor optimization you get a big disaster.


what kind of experience yall are setting for an event, people force to use mobile resolution , mannequin simulator just to  enjoy an event .


All i see is a company turning away their customers with every single patch then come 2 month from now yall come back and do the same thing -_______-


what i believe is  they sabotaging our first week of farming, so we cant reap the benefits from the event just to milk later on .... .


yall really did emergency maintenance and didn't even fix the channel issue, i hate it here.


i cant rely on this game to dish out a decent patch, i really miss 2016-2017 blade and soul the game is a real joke now.


trying to draw in new people 1 min then turning them away the next min.




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I know the extra channels are created dynamically, but the figure at which another channel is offered is broken.  Instead of  say 200/channel, it seems to be set to 2000/channel.  I'm sure someone just left out a zero somewhere.  The lowest the Ebon Realm event ever had was 2 and was as high as 7 (that I saw).  


Is it really the case that the user base has dropped to about 1/3rd to 1/4th of what it was then?  That was only 6 months ago -- there just couldn't have been that many people that dropped out.  The area is huge and already you have to travel a long distance to find anywhere with some space, but my frame rates drop from 25-120 down to less than 1/sec (frequent freezes mean 1 frame is displayed for 2-5 seconds, meaning 0.5-0.2 FPS!) and my ping times are easily double what they were in EbonRealm.


It really has to be that someone left out a 0, because when I was in there had to be a huge number in 1 channel -- I wandered around looking for space, and it was hard to find such because too many people in "such a small space" (it's not really small, it seems about 2-3X larger than the EbonRealm), BUT, I'm sure you know that having 2-3X more space doesn't really increase performance.  Only lowering the player count will help performance. 


If you can't offer more channels, maybe you need to put a cap on number of people that can be in concurrently, like you did on some previous Hunter's Refuge(?) event?


Then I'll know not to try, since I never got in on that once -- so no idea of what it was like in there.


The Ebon Ream never had less than 2 channels, and usually had 4-5, so I'm guessing the server is way overloaded with only 1 channel (that I ever saw -- I gave up on it as it was just too slow for it to be fun.


Oh, that reminds me of a problem I was going to ask about...


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