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will next patch contain the other part ( the most important changes ) of skill updates.

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last patch was half of  the skill patch korea dished out....


and was up to may 20, now i want to know if the coming patch going to have what came after, thepatch that actually reduce the "ARENA MOD" OF OVER POWERED 3RD SPEC CLASSES,such as bm and destro.


The patch that buff wind kfm, that makes wind some what viable for 6v6, cause rn fire aint doing it , and am not using that sad excuse of a third spec, not even viable pvp or pve...


this patch ... also i notice reset charm cd hasnt been adjusted so i date it from when korea changed theirs.



Class > Common
Fixed a bug that prevented some parry penetration attacks from hitting parrying enemies

Class > BM
Fire > Red Hot Edge (5,3) > Burning Whirl pvp mod buff to 1.20x
Fire > Red Hot Edge (5,3) > Burning Whirl added 6s Conflagration Effect
Fire > Red Hot Edge (5,3) > Burning Whirl is available after Lunar Slash even if you use another skill first
Fire > Phoenix Wing, Flock of Blades 3hit iframe over 5s
Fire > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Searing Sword Force pvp mod buff
Fire/Lightning > Sundering Sword added def, parry pen
Fire/Lightning > Whirling Scourge tooltip was missing parry pen
3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge > fixed an issue with Decimation not being triggered intermittently by Spirit Vortex
Lightning > Flash Step added parry pen
Lightning > Flash Step arena mod nerfed to 0.40x
Lightning > Blade Call, Flock of Blades 3hit iframe over 5s

Class > KFM
Wind > Wind Gyre pvp mod slightly nerfed to 0.40x
Wind > Pivot Kick pvp mod nerf to 0.20x
Wind > Pivot Kick arena mod nerf to 0.40x
Wind > Pivot Kick damage buffed to 1300%
Wind > Pivot Kick 45s->18s
Wind > BT SS > 8set Pivot Kick 20% CDR added
Wind > VT SS > 3set Pivot Kick 20% CDR added
Wind > TT SS > 3,8set Pivot Kick 15/15% CDR added
Wind > TT SS > 3,8set Wind Gyre, Pivot Kick damage buffed to 85/85%
Wind > ET/IA SS > 3set Pivot Kick 15/15% CDR added
Wind > ET/IA SS > 8set Wind Gyre, Pivot Kick damage buffed to 115/115%

Class > Assassin
Phantom > Night Terrors(2,1) > Night Fury(C) 36s CD when in Phantom state

Class > Summoner
Swarm > Hornet Nest arena mod nerfed to 0.50x
Thorns > Sunburst arena mod nerfed to 0.40x

Class > BD
Wind > fixed an issue where Wind Spirits were not consumed if an enemy was not hit by Rolling Typhoon
Wind > VT/ET Mystic Badge > fixed an issue where Squall Wind Spirit production was inconsistent
Wind > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Rolling Typhoon available immediately after using Whirling Scourge, Skyward Slash
[9:54 PM]
Class > WL
Scourge > Dragon Helix+Awk pvp mod nerf 0.30->0.25x
Scourge > Wingrise Soul Badge > Dragon Helix 650%->900%

Class > SF
Common > Magnum, Arcana Soul Badge, fixed an issue where Abiding Strength(3,3) Self Defense Chi(C) damage reduction tooltip did not match the actual effect
Common > Magnum, Arcana Soul Badge Self Defense Chi(C) CDR 35s->15s when using Focus Chi(Z)
Earth > Abiding Strength (3,3) > Self Defense Chi CD 60s->45s, damage reduction 90%->50%
Earth > TT, ET, IA SS 3/8set Kingfist, Kingstrike, Beam Torrent damage buff
[TT 50%/50%->60%/60%, ET 65%/65%->75%/75%, IA 80%/80%->90%/90%]
Earth > Kingfist pvp mod nerfed to 0.48x
Earth > fixed an issue with Soul Surge(G) pvp mod 1.30x

Class > Archer
Light > Strafe Left(Q), Double Strafe Left(Q), Strafe Right(E), Double Strafe Right(E) fixed an issue where iframes sometimes did not apply
Wind > Storm's Eye(3) changed to only appear to the left and right of the character
Wind > Twin Storms(3) doesn't spawn differently when you quickly change your camera direction while casting
Wind > Changed autocombat priority to Rapid Shot > Piercing Rain(C) > Amplify(V) > Flip Shot(F) > Dead Eye(F) > Rapid Fire(X)
Wind > Strafe Left(Q), Strafe Shot(Q), Strafe Right(E), Strafe Shot(E) fixed an issue where iframes sometimes did not apply

Charms > cd reset charms , clarity charm changed their cd to 10 min up from 5 min in 6v6.



Class > Common
Fixed an issue where the duration was not update intermittently when the same effect was reapplied during combat (maybe fixed bracelet/dumpling bug and/or bug soul? not sure)
Fixed some issue with Parry Penetration

Class > BM
Fire > Added 12% AP and 20% Crit Dmg to Phoenix Wing
Lightning > Added 12% AP and 20% Crit Dmg to Blade Call
Fire/Lightning > Fixed some intermittent issue with Lightning Rod
3rd > Changed the CD of Spectral Safeguard (Autoblock) to 36s
3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Fixed an issue where Decimation would not apply when using Spirit Vortex while out of combat
3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Oscillation, Escalation effect duration 6s->9s
3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Decimation total damage increased (VT 6000%, ET 8000%)
3rd > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Decimation PvP mod nerfed
3rd > Take Flight, Ascend, Rising Eagle, Heavenly Dance, Spirit Vortex, Blade Storm Arena Mod nerfed to 0.80x
3rd > Starstrike Arena Mod nerfed to 0.10x

Class > KFM
Fire > Resurgence Soul Badge > Burning Fist additional dmg buff 280%->550%
Wind > ET Mystic Badge > Iron Shoulder, Straight Jab additional dmg buff 200%->420%
Wind > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Dragonflare dmg buff 550%->750%
Wind > Pivot Kick CD changed to 15s
Wind > Pivot Kick crit dmg increased by 10%
Wind > Corrected tooltip for Pivot Kick, Searing Palm from "on use" to "on hit"

Class > Sum
Common > Beckon has been split into 2 separate skills: Beckon and "Willow" 버들강아지
* "Willow" can only be used with Cat Nip(4,1) or Sweet Wish(4,3)
Common > added a skill "Help Me!" 도와줘! to escape grab, phantom grip, grapple
* "Help Me!" is only available with Surprise Gift(4,2)
Common > Strike(C) has been changed to only be used with the following specs
* Surprise Gift(4,2)
Common > Tag Team has been separated between specs
* Cat Nip(4,1) or Sweet Wish(4,3) > 12s cd, can only be used while KD
* Surprise Gift(4,2) > 90s cd, can be used to escape stun, daze, kd


* Swarm > ET Mystic Badge > Tornado Flower additional damage on Rumblebees, Hornet Nest buffed to 420%
* Swarm > Resurgence/Paragon Soul Badge >  Rumblebees, Hornet Nest buffed to 420%
* Swarm > Resurgence Soul Badge > Resurgence Effect gives 1 stack of Honey when hitting Rumblebees
* Thorns > Premonition Soul Badge > Sunflower additional damage buffed to 700%
* Thorns > ET Mystic Badge > Sunflower, Sunburst, Super Sunflower additional damage buffed to 700%
* Thorns > PvP mods: Sunflower, Super Sunflower nerfed to x0.25, Sunburst nerfed to x0.30

Class > Des
Shadow > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Shadow Storm dmg buffed to 12000%
Shadow > VT/ET Mystic Badge > Shadow Storm PvP mod nerf
Shadow > Grim Executioner(Passive) Boss AP buffed to 170
Shadow > Brute Force(Passive) added 8% AP buff during Fury
3rd > Ironclad(E) increased the AP buff and duration
3rd > Ironclad(E) changed the AP buff not overlap with the Vanquish AP buff
3rd > Arena Mods nerfed to: Vanquish x0.50, Galvanize x0.50, Ram x4.00, Steel Slash x0.45, Twin Steel Slash x0.45, Sledgehammer x0.60, Reaver x0.45, Iron Knee x0.50, Wrecker x0.70
3rd > Iron Titan(E)(spec 5,3) Arena mod nerfed to x0.70
3rd > Hack and Slash(Q) cd nerfed 6s/12s->8s/16s
3rd > Prowess Soul Badge > Reaver additional dmg affect buffed to 600%

Class > Sin
Common > Moonrise/천노 PvP Bracelet > Moonrise, 천노 effect changed to Sweeping Gale, Lotus Kick, Lotus Fury hit
3rd > Vicious Cycle(5,1) > removed 4% AP increase
3rd > One with the Dark(4,2) > Cover of Night changed to 3 hit iframe over 12s, cd changed to 12s
3rd > fixed an issue with Cover of Night and Night Fury iframe stacki


Class > Blade Dancer
Common > Acrobat > Removed untargetability on SS
Lightning > Premonition/Wingrise > Lightning Flash reduces the cooldown of Flaming Scourge by 2 -> 3 seconds each
Lightning > Dynasty/Groundbreaker > Chain Lightning damage buffed 800%->1400% Dynasty, 800%->2000% Ground Breaker (5 hits)
Lightning > Blade Guard removed, Sidewinder is now the base skill
Wind > Tailwind > Raid cooldown with trait is now 18 seconds
Wind > Tailwind > Blitz Sword cooldown with trait is now 24 seconds
Wind > Gale Dance > SS/Q/E now increases AP by 7% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 3 times
Wind > Fixed an issue where the sound and damage of the first hit of Rolling Typhoon would not appear
-Credit to Konbo

Class > SF
Common > After using Windstorm, if you use another skill, you can still use Windstorm
Common > Changed the Windstorm tooltip to make aerial again on the first hit
Earth > Kingstrike PvP mod buffed to x0.48

Class > Gun
Shadow > Buckshot, Mow Down > fixed some tooltip issue
Fire > BT SS > 3set Quickshot+Awk dmg buffed to 25%
Fire > BT SS > 8set Quickshot+Awk dmg nerfed to 30%
Fire > VT SS > 3+8set Quickshot+Awk dmg nerfed to 30%/35%
Fire > increased effect trigger chance from Bullet Storm

Class > Warden
Madness > Bloodthirst(5,2) > fixed Blood Ire tooltip
Madness > TT/ET/IA SS > 3+8set buffed Bloodstorm, Blade Fury+Awk dmg
[TT 45/50%, ET 55%/50%, IA 60%/65%]
Guardian > Fixed a case where Sword Salvo could not be used
Guardian > TT/ET/IA SS > 3+8set Sonic Strike+Awk, Divine Strike dmg buff
[TT 40/40%, ET 50%/45%, IA 55%/55%]
Guardian > Sonic Strike+Awk dmg buff
Guardian > TT/ET/IA Weapon > Sonic Strike+Awk dmg buffed to 700% (A9 still 585%)
Guardian > Sonic Strike+Awk PvP mod nerfed to x0.27.'


theres alot more but i just wanna know if its coming or not, it should come but i havent seen a mention of it .

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