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why there is always same class characters in 1vs1 top 50 ?

I'm warlock & I'm trying to be gold in 1vs1. it seem impossible for me ? it's not about the player ability. it's about choose to the true class and I don't want to create a new character.



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Its cause PVP is pretty much dead we dont have alot of players. I doubt we even have 50 player per class in PVP at all if you would remove all the alts like alot of players requested since 4 years now.


Warlock is also the worst class in this game by far. If you encounter BM, KFM, Assasin or Archer you can litterly go afk cause if you are not a pro player. Blade and soul was always a bit unbalanced but the Awakening patch which we got around march 2019 destroyed it completly to that extend that you can litterly play one class and have a huge advantage against the other player.


Just one example BM can be nearly 100% of the time untargatable. How is WL supposed to react to something it cannot attack while being immobile and getting theese huge 15K crits in his face even if wl stays in its 50% dmg reduction ground.

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