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Regionlocked Outfit Question

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Will we ever be getting the Outfits from Design Contests / Anniversary from other regions? I mean more variety in general would be nice.
Would be best if every server has all the outfits.


Birds Eclipse:

Japan Anniversary Outfit:

Japan Design Contest Winner:

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The regions who design their outfits have an exclusive usage of them for awhile and then the other regions can use them. We'll be seeing a few more come over soon. :)

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb SylphidLive:

As we speak about outfits.... our beloved Jonathan Lien AKA. Babbletr0n was fighting to get us "Yura outfit" from other region (guess was TW??) but we never got an update about this.:tears:

:tears::tears: but, but we need it! No Yura outfit, no CC :proud:

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