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Future Trove: Things that would make it more pleasant

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Looking forward, with this lastest trove still fresh in our hearts and minds, lets discuss alterations/improvements to make the next instance of trove more pleasant.


  • DAILY FREE TROVE ROLLS ARE FREE= introduce a new tier of 0-star crits, with weaker prizes than one star crits.  Bound mats instead of tradable ones, dokkaebi soju instead of imperial, etc, but have the cost be 0/1c for just about everything.  Chance of 1-2-3star crit, but the majority of free rolls are 0star.  Premium 0hmc key and NCoin keys guarantee 1-3 stars still. Perhaps HMC keys can roll 0star.
  • ENOUGH CONSUMABLES TO USE=  5 field repair tools when most weapons take at least 6 to repair once? c'mon! C'MON!   At least stacks of 3 Imperial Soju (stacks 3 times, when you want to use it, you generally use 3).  Perhaps yield enough for multiple sessions of use, with total cost increased to match.  (10 Imperial Soju for 30g rather than 1 for 3g).
  • DON'T LET THE F10 SPECIALS BEAT YOU, TROVE!= As a limited time event, I feel like a trove roll should beat out the f10 daily specials for similiar items, either in quantity available or cost.  I want each key you buy to be fun and feel rewarding and to not be able to look at the f10 specials and be able to say "Man, I could have got more soulstones cheaper if I had spent that NCOIN of the trove key on the daily special. I got scammed!"
  • YAY I CRIT! OOPS, IT COST ME ALL MY GOLD=  Some of the high end items cost quite a bit of gold.  Example,  high end gems and high end unity stones.  Now for gems, I can imagine the high expense is due to cost of producing that gem through transmuting, and the ability to recoup gempowder through salvage.  Awakened Unity stones are a different case.  With them occassionally available in the F10 daily specials (HEY TROVE! WHY YOU MAKING THE F10 SPECIALS LOOK SO GOOD!?) and the merchant of wonders selling at a similiar price on the ultra rare occasion his list contains them, Limited time (fun) event trove could sell them for less.  (Might be remembering wrong) This latest trove some of the mid tier nontradable cosmetics cost 200g, up from 20g iirc.  I could empathize with 200g for a tradable cosmetic to make the f5 listing to be perceived as valuable.  But for a bound costume that squishes to 1 fabric? Eh.

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