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I like where you're coming from with this question.  I was very pleased with that feb producer's letter, it had been some time since BnS had had such a structured preview of things to come. Since we have come to the end of the time period listed in the producer's letter preview graphic, it would be lovely to have another one.


Of the June listings, the following have most definitely occurred:

  • FM 3rd
  • Act 11 part 1
  • Heroic Dungeon- Halcyon Hills
  • New Pvp earring


Which leaves a few left to ask about, whether what the item means or when we will get to enjoy it in the NA/EU region:

  • Clan Renewal
  • Pvp Renewal ( may have been the large skill patch included wide adjustments to PVP modifier, or it might mean something else we have to look forward to)
  • Accessory Enhancement System

It would be quite nice if a new producers letter jumped in to let us know where we are on these items in limbo.  Note that far reaching previews such as the feb one are almost never set in stone, as situations change at the organization, patch bundles get divided up differently, etc, and the BnS fan should enjoy them with a certain flexibility of expectations.

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