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GJ you just destroyed the pvp in battlegrounds!

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I want to congratulate NCsoft or who just destroyed the pvp in battlegrounds,i played this game for 5 years from when the game launched on EU/NA servers,with the newest patch you destroyed the only good thing in this game the pvp battlegrounds,basically now with dps nerf its imposible to kill the whales,you do almost 0 dmg to them,before if you where more skilled than the whales you still could kill them now its just immposible.

Like i said im a veteran in this game i have over 4000 battlegrounds matches and also im a small streamer who was bringing fame and new players to the game, but with the new patch you just destroyed everything that was still good in this game.

Thanks NCsoft you just made me QUIT the game, im gonna go play another game.

Im gonna come back when you listen to what your community is saying and when you repair your game.

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Well i totally disagree here. Battlegrounds needed a dmg nerve its no fun getting one shot without the need of any kind of combos. (Still happens thou sadly but less.)


I want the same in Arena so you actully need to combo. Now Summoner can do 100 to 0 without rng in one aerial (before it was rng for them to even do 90% dmg, BM can Z you and insta do 40K, BM Third spec air is still not nerfed i will get around 43 - 46 K dmg, Assasin third still to many rng evades for what it can do ............. .......... overall way to much dmg in arena.

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