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Please don't copyright claim youtube videos.

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Hey, So i recently noticed that my act 10 video had 2 "Copyright claims" from NCsoft.. Each being for 2 different songs that played for like 2 min at different parts of the 1hr 30 min video..


I like recording for this game.. so can you please either not put copy right music in the game or don't search youtube to try and shutdown the people making content for your game.

I don't have monetization active on my channel either, i just record videos for fun.

At least one of my cutscene videos got hit by this as well, Dono why you guys @Hime is doing this, but some explonation/reasoning would be appriciated.





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Hello, sorry to hear your videos got hit with copyright. All game music need to have a copyright to ensure it isn't used in other unauthorized ways like somebody taking it a putting in another game, etc.


I know YouTube does automatically flagged content for copyright regardless of how it's used (yay for algorithms) so it sounds like this might be the case here since specific spots of the video was targeted. For clarity, the NCWest team has no issue with videos being made on and about Blade & Soul, but we don't control the game music licensing. It's been awhile since I've seen this issue come up so we'll follow up with NCSOUND.

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