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FM Lightning Spec - Power Play Talent

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There are some issues regarding the Power Play Talent choice.


Certain skills trigger automatic Volt Salvo attack when used.

That is on the tool tip.

While this is partly true, it is entirely random, there is only a chance at triggering Volt Salvo with usage of Lightning Palm or Zap.


However there is a bigger problem at hand.

After thorough testing with many others at BNS Academy in NA and EU server, we have discovered that there seems to be correlation to a player's ping and the chance at triggering Volt Salvo.


We devised a test where we charge 4 stacks of lightning, where after when we use Zap and Lightning Palm, should grant a chance at triggering a cast of Volt Salvo (one attack of it per stack of charge, for a total of 4 hits for each instance of Volt Salvo).

However after hundreds of samples between many members, when a player has approximately 150ms or less, there is a high chance at triggering Volt Salvo. This can lead to 15 to 20 some triggers of Volt Salvo over the course of a 30 second sample.

When a player has higher ping than 150ms in game, there is little to no chance at triggering Volt Salvo. We can test it over and over and it will yield anywhere from 0 to 3 or 4 triggers of Volt Salvo over the same 30 seconds.


You can replicate the test by doing the following.


Generate Lightning Charges via LMB.

use RMB and 2 on your target during the 30second buff period of Lightning Charge.

Pay attention to your ping and record the number of Volt Salvo's you get.

if you have one charge, each Volt Salvo should result in one hit.

if you have two charges, each Volt Salvo should result in two hits, etc.


The expected outcome is that at higher in game pings, such as 200, 220, 240, 260, 280, etc, you should get little to no triggers of Volt Salvo.


We have hundreds of screen shot samples, some videos for evidence and we'd like for this matter to be looked into.

Feel free to request more samples as needed.


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This is a stupid bug that needs to be investigated.


Since the game is poorly optimized and runs slowly in 12-man raid content, this bug can happen there as well -- hurting our damage where we need it most. @Hime Looking for official and public acknowledgement of this issue.

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Ive tested this by myself. Hopefully this get fixed soon. Until that, Power Hitter is a better option for high ping players

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Please give a little attention to this problem, a friend sent a ticket and the support said it was a package loss? this is impossible, most players play with 200+ ping and cannot use the skill

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