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wtf did you do to Assasin? Why this huge nerf?

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i don't play main Assasin but I got an alt with A9 with decent gear, i tried phantom and i stuck with shadow speck because phantom was too clunky and PVE rotation does not have consistency but for PVP i can see the appeal for phantom, until now

I don't play PVP and I'm not a PVP player, I 'v did some PVP in the early stages of the game 4 years ago it was fun because nobody knew how to play the game but now no more because it is a joke on how it is now 1v1 is doable but 6v6 is a clown fest

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The reasons for the changes are a bit obvious. Stoic is supposed to be the pvp spec. But it was doing as much damage as the latest pve spec. Had a very noticeable quality of life going on too. At the same time a lot of the top sins I saw were just going into pvp with full set et with piercing specced on it due to the night reaver modifier. The changes address these issues and a few others.

1. Massive nerf to night reaver in pvp is somewhat off set by the pvp soul shields having a much higher night reaver modifier than the pve shields. Lets be honest it was too over powered before in pvp.

2. Dropping stoic to 12 seconds prevents it from being used as a main spec in pve but still viable for burst content. This drop is also offset somewhat by pvp soul shields granting 25% cdr on phantom.

3. Decrease in the duration of status immunity from 12 to 5 seconds is to fix the fact that in toi the ai doesn't try to do anything at all while that's going on. Also pvp balance.

4. Changes to exhiliration spec to make it better are definitely notable. Shuriken now gives a mark instead of taking one and Nightmare costs no mark so can be used every phantom. The shuriken change easily makes getting one more reaver in possible. It's very easy to chain phantom back to back so long as your night reavers aren't being interupted in pve.


I miss some of the quality of life I had with stoic but exhiliration works fine.

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Just now, Minity said:

Resist down to 5 sec from 12 sec and also Phantom stance down to 12sec from 24? Just why this huge nerf ?? 

why we not seeing the big elephant in the room, i remember being in arena, sin

resisting cc, iframing and spamming god damage , not knowing when hes gonna come out that thing , when u think its done something resets( i dont know 3rd sin much, i have a sin, but not really interested in it much )


a whole 12 second of iframe was way too broken, trying to do 6 hits to break bubble was really hard considering the fast spam , he dishing at u ...sin using full pve gear in bg , cause they cant die , was way too unfair .


also korea changed it to 12 second but changed to 3 hits or something like that

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