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70% nerf dungeon rewards after 24/6


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Dungeon rewards nerfed
SP               15G          > 5,5G
H0              14,8G       > 5,3G
CC              10,2G       > 5,1G
WC             13,7G       > 4,3G
BC              12,8G       > 4,3G
DST            10,4G       > 3,6G
TSM           10G          > 3,2G
ST               5G           > 3,2G
RT               6G           > 3,2G


Mainly do a P2W event (trove) again. But someone doesn't realize that if they don't have anyone to play credit card warriors with, they'll leave.


Dungeons now won't be worth walking around even for a dayly reward, as it will be just a waste of time. The game is boring like this and there is nothing to do and they will kill the last thing that kept it afloat ...
RT > SP train 80-90min = 100G, after nerf 30G - GG 

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